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September 16, 2016

I saw the cutest thing on my Facebook feed the other day. It was a  short video of a child, young enough to be in diapers, watching what looked like his very favorite thing in the world: a scene from the movie “Rocky,”  in which Rocky Balboa (played

by Sylvester Stallone) is training hard for his big match. Sylvester / Rocky is doing push-ups and punches, skipping and squatting, waving and jumping – and behold!  The baby is not just watching all of this, he is enthusiastically acting out every move to perfection.  When Rocky does a one-armed push-up on the TV, the little guy does exactly the same thing, at the exact same time.  As one comment on YouTube observed, he even transfers his weight to the opposite leg while he punches, like a real pro.

As you probably know, Rocky is not exactly the latest computer-generated flick out of Hollywood.  Does that matter to our little hero?  Not at all!  He found something he liked, and he’s mastering it with devotion.  He didn’t take a course, or do his homework, but he is learning those moves!!   — by practicing with a movie that he loves.

Then there is this great scene from “I Am Legend”  where we learn with astonishment that the Will Smith character loves the movie “Shrek” so much that he’s memorized the entire thing.  What does he say about his feat?  “I like Shrek,” he says.  That’s it.  He likes Shrek.

i am shrek.png

One of the most important lessons we have learned in the three years of the Movie Lab is that people have individual preferences (not to mention different schedules).  This past year, we developed a DVD library that has many different kinds of films.

Find something YOU like enough to practice it again and again.  Before you know it, you’ll be a champ.

For the current list (titles only), click: New titles are highlighted in yellow.  Titles marked (*) are those for which there are teaching materials on the blog.

For details and trailers of many these movies (newest movies may not have not been added yet) visit:

These links and the teaching materials are available at in the tab/page named “DVD Library”  Movies can be viewed in ILC C5 0028.Learning materials (vocab quizlets, ppts, worksheets) for many movies:

For teachers: check out new short-film lesson plans from Kieran Donaghy, July 17, 2016. I just watched “Paperman” and it’s sweet:…/

Also, visit the Movie Lab blog and Movie Lab facebook page — please join!


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